Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Testimonials and reviews


Marysol, Breast Augmentation Review
So I did my research cause I was ready to change my look I’m a mother of 2 beautiful girls and I knew it was time to spoil myself so I decided to go and get my breast augmentation I didn’t do so much research because one of my friends had gotten work done by Dr. Gutierrez so I went to go see him had our consultation i loved how he explain everything to me so I set my appt for April 5,2012 (under the muscle/ bottom nipple ) 745cc my scarring was minimal it’s so light around my nipple u can’t even see it I love how they look so natural but still big . Dr. Gutierrez did an awesome job I gotta say Best plastic surgeon in Tijuana, because I recommend him to anybody who is ready to get work done, I’m very happy with my result I used to be 34b now I’m a 36dd I love my twins and. Thank you again Dr. Gutierrez!
Lorena Z. ,Plastic Surgery Patient
I highly recommend Dr. Manuel Gutierrez. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. He is a professional and highly skilled plastic surgeon and artist as well. My husband and I met with Dr. Gutierrez for my consultation. We were so impressed with him that I decided to look no further and undoubtedly chose him to do my procedures. His professionalism and the ways in which he explained everything made me feel at ease. He answered all of my questions with kindness and patience. I love how he transformed the areas of my body that I felt so insecure about. Dr. Gutierrez helped me achieved what I wanted and more. My husband and I would also like to thank Dr. Harris, the reception desk staff, the office staff and Nurse Sarita. Everyone made us feel very much at home. My entire experience (from consultation to post op) exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Gutierrez to anyone considering plastic surgery. Dr. Gutierrez is wonderful! Thank you Dr. Gutierrez!
Barbara Hardy, Face surgery patient
I had to write to say thank you for my new lease on life. I was feeling tired and old! I had begun to act out both. After receiving my refreshing new younger look created by Dr. Gutierrez I walk with my head held high and feel as though I’m wearing the most beautiful diamond necklace! I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you have done for me. You and your loving staff gave me the attention and care to ease all my concerns. I will tell my friends that I believe and it easily evident that Dr. Gutierrez and staff are deeply concerned about my concerns and PAINLESSLY resolved the issues I wanted resolved… Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Harris worked together like a hand in glove. Dr. Gutierrez is an artist! Thank you, thank you♥

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez, skilled and talented plastic surgeon in Tijuana Mexico!

I have had a Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Thigh Lift and Breast Augmentation with Dr. Gutierrez … He is the greatest and my life has totally changed. If you have any questions regarding this matter you may reach me at 619-864-2802.Mary G.Los Angeles, CA.
I would like to thank you again for the great job you did with my surgery. I am healing nicely and am feeling much better. As I mentioned to you before, I had previously had an abdominoplasty and liposuction in the Dominican Republic, and I left there feeling scared and not too happy with my results. You made me feel very comfortable from the first time we spoke over the phone to the first time we met in person. You and your staff were very courteous and professional and everybody went out of their way to make sure that I was feeling comfortable. Initially I was a little scared, but you erased all doubts from my mind and I am so happy that I chose you to be my doctor. I was also a little scared to go to Mexico because of all the media coverage but I felt very safe walking around your beautiful city. Once again, I thank you for a job well done. I hope that I can maintain the beautiful work that you have done, but if not, you will always be my first choice as a doctor. Take care and God bless you, your wonderful staff and your family. You truly are an artist!
M. AcostaNew York
Dr. Gutiérrez, I really don’t know how many times I have to thank you for giving me a new life. I’m pretty sure you are going to get tired of me but I can’t help it, you really don’t know what it means to have this new look. P.S. Now I feel like a goddess and I wanted to let you know how very happy I am with your work, and I’m recommending you to several friends.
Gary De VossSan Diego, CA.
Dr. Gutierrez and his staff were wonderful, I stayed one night in the hospital, where again, the nursing staff were nothing but professional. The day of the surgery, when I woke I experienced a little pain but after medication, didn’t really have any pain again. The following day I was escorted back to the Airport in San Diego and flew to San Francisco. My procedure was brow, face and neck lift which to this day, I love. The cost was less than half of the quotes I’d had from doctor’s here in this area. I recommended Dr Gutiérrez to many of my friends…
I just wanted to say that I had a great experience at your office. I think very highly of Dr. Gutierrez. His knowledge of surgery and post-operative care and his attention to detail were very impressive. In fact, his recommendation to take a medication to prevent the development of scar tissue made a big difference in my recovery.
I went to see Dr. Gutierrez on the advice of a friend and I had a further appointment with another plastic surgeon that same day. After speaking to the doctor for some time, I was so impressed with his ability to listen to my needs and empathize with them, his totally professional manner, and the cleanliness of his environment and the impact of his own personality that I believed in his expertise and ability and so I immediately cancelled my other appointment and agreed to have the surgery the next day. My further meetings with Dr. Gutierrez compounded my previous feelings of confidence, ability and empathy from him and I would heartily recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking plastic surgery.
Betty JudakenPalm Desert
I came down here to Tijuana Mexico to have surgery performed by Dr. Manuel Gutierrez. I had Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck done. I couldn’t be happiest with the results. My care both before and after the surgery was excellent. The clinic where it was performed was better than any hospital care I have ever received in the United States. I will be back for more.
Leigh ValenzuelaRosemead, CA.
I am writing to Thank you for making my cosmetic surgery experience a positive, well informed and comfortable one. You made me feel as though I could ask anything that I needed to and assisted me in taking one of the biggest and most meaningful steps towards personal change and self improvement, that I have ever made. Your Staff was so warm and caring, I was truly in good hands for my visit and had peace of mind on my Big Trip. When my bandages came off I was delighted to find that I had indeed made the right decision in coming to you. I can’t tell you what this means to me, and look forward to spreading the word about your skills. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
I am very happy with the results of the procedures you performed on me. I received a full tummy tuck, butt augmentation and eyelid fat removal. You are an artist & that has been proven as my body continues to heal. I appreciate your patience with me when I had doubts about the results. I will continue to come to you in the future for any & all cosmetic procedures I receive in the future. When I visit the office, I always feel like I’m amongst friends. I will recommend you to all of my friends, and will always be grateful for my results.
Sherry StothersSan Diego, CA.
My overall experience with doctor Manuel and stuff was excellent.  I’m very pleased with my results, he did a wonderful job with my breast-augmentation and my tummy-tuck  My lower abdomen always bother me and diet and exercise wasn’t helping .  Dr Manuel took the time to make sure I was very pleased with my results and I would highly recommend him.
Marinas Garcia
Thank you so much for today! You are an amazing doctor as well as a genuine person. I will refer my friends/relatives to you. Looking forward to seeing you soon! I am so pleased with my results…
Erin HanleyEncinitas, CA.
Thank you again so much to all of you for the way you treat your patients. I would have never expected that from anyone. All of you are so kind and caring! Love Dr. Gutierrez, I can never thank him enough. I have never in my life met someone as beautiful as him. He has a beautiful heart, because he loves our heavenly father. That is why he is so successful, and he will continue to succeed because of his love for our father and people. It was a great pleasure to have all of you come into my life.
Ms. G.R.

Plastic Surgery Reviews – Breast Procedures

My friend and I had been wanting to get our Breast Augmented for years and when we decided to have them done we both agreed that Dr. Gutierrez was the one for us. His consultation with us was so personalized and we actually were able to speak to him in our consultation verses the other consultations we had we spoke to a nurse. We are so pleased with the results and we highly recommend him.
Shauna & Bernice Venice Beach, CA.
My first surgery (Breast Augmentation) was performed by a top-popular surgeon in Beverly Hills; 2 years later my breast had sagginess and had loose skin. I needed a new surgery to fix my problem; a friend recommended Dr. Gutierrez Romero and I am glad she did. Not only did Dr. Gutierrez Romero fix my problem with a lift and smaller implants; he made my breast amazing!! Very natural looking, excellent job!! Ever since my surgery I recommended Dr. Gutierrez to several friends and family, and just like me, they´re completely satisfied and happy with the results.
Yadira Arizmendi
I could not be more pleased with my results from my breast augmentation that I had on Jan 31/2011. I was very nervous about the whole thing, especially going to a different country to have it done. As soon as I met Dr. Gutierrez and his wonderful staff my thoughts completely changed! I was very comfortable and I felt safe. It was the best choice I ever made!!!  I look forward to going back in the future, Dr. Gutierrez you have changed my life for the better… Thank you so much! You are an amazing doctor, and I recommend you to anyone who is interested in having any kind of procedure done! Thank you again♥
Sophie Agushi Canada
Dr. Gutierrez made me feel very comfortable in my consultation and out of 5 consultations I chose him because he instilled sincerity and trust.
Brenda J. Las Vegas, NV.
11 years ago my best friend and I got breast implants together on the same day…Dr. Gutierrez Romero has always been very nice & caring. From the start of our procedure 11 years ago he has been a dedicated Doctor to his practice & patients. Today I brought another friend with me to get her breast implants, she was amazed with her consultation and Doctor’s Gutierrez professionalism and knowledge of breast implants. I highly recommend him to everyone I know who is thinking of getting any type of surgery. To this day men cannot tell if they are real or fake!!!!!!
Porsha Gaines
The Doctor and staff at Esthetics is great, my Breast Augmentation was nothing like I imagined, exceeded my expectations and will be returning for my Tummy Tuck soon!
Sandra H. San Diego, CA.
Omg I got to say thank you to dr. Gutierrez my boobs look amazing I’m very happy with them there just how I wanted therm I’ve showed a few friends and they love how perfect he did . Hope to see you soon!
MaryLos Angeles, CA.
Performed by different doctors, I have had 2 previous breast augmentations. This being my third has been the best, fastest and most painless healing process I’ve experienced. For the first time the drainage tubes were placed inside both breast which greatly reduced the amount of swelling with absolutely no bruising & no blood pooling (hematoma) which I suffered in the 2 previous surgeries. I strongly recommend Dr. Gutierrez for introducing and recommending it in helping complete my surgery.
Alisha Richenbach

Plastic Surgery Reviews – Body Procedures 

My trip to Dr. Gutierrez to have a tummy tuck and liposuction was a wonderful experience. Of course having surgery is not pleasant but I was impressed with their professionalism and the customer service is something the United States is greatly lacking. Dr. Gutierrez and his staff are very knowledgeable and even though I wanted more procedures done, they advised against it. They are more interested in the quality and safety of their work than money. The cost for my surgery including the flight and hotel for both myself and husband was 3-4 thousand dollars less than it would have cost in Florida, my home. The Pueblo Amigo was beautiful and very accommodating after surgery. My only regret was not stay in Mexico long enough to go shopping. I returned home 2 days after surgery. I would recommend anyone wishing to have plastic surgery to consider Dr. Manuel Gutierrez and / or Mexico as a very important option for both economy and services. I myself plan on returning for some more procedures when I save more money!!!  The post operative follow-up with my family physician at home was pleasing as well. My doctor who was very skeptical about the whole thing and advised me against going to Mexico was very complimentary of the Dr. Gutierrez’s work. I am still in the healing process at 5 weeks post surgery but am beginning to see wonderful results and coming along just fine. Marcy at Tijuana-cosmetic-surgery.com has been there to answer any questions or concerns that I have had. She has always responded within an hour or so via e-mail and I could call her at any time. Also Dr. Gutierrez and his staff are only a phone call away. If asked if I would do it again? Defiantly. Did I save money? Oh yeah! Was I nervous or scared? Of course, but the doctor and his staff were very patient and caring.Jackie LudwickFlorida
After losing weight and exercising down to a size 9 I still didn’t feel comfortable with my body because of the skin and after having a tummy tuck and now a size 5, I am amazed at the difference that a skilled Plastic Surgeon can make in my life. Thank you Dr. Gutierrez
Estela O.San Diego, CA.
Since I had a Tummy Tuck I am now able to go to the store and buy the latest styles and look good in them!!
Maria R.Chula Vista, CA.
My experience with Dr. Gutierrez Esthetic’s Plastic Surgery Center exceeded my expectations. The entire staff, Doctor/Surgeon, Office, Nurses and Driver were extremely reliable and friendly. The results of my tummy tuck/lipo has left me breathing better, which allows me to walk farther. At just over 200 pounds, I didn’t expect to look great and was only interested in health improvement. But I must say my pants fit differently and look so much better. When I sit down, there is no tummy bulge to hide. I noticed standing in the wind at my son’s track meet yesterday that I wasn’t trying to deflect the wind to keep my belly from being outlined. I recommend your services to all my friends who ask, and look forward to my next procedure.
Tessie Fackler
I had a lot of trouble losing weight around my tummy and chest. So I decided to See Dr. Gutierrez for my surgery. I am glad I did he did a great job on my problem areas. He and his staff were so helpful with my recovery. I am so happy with the results I told all my friends about his work, there thinking of getting some work done. 2 thumbs up :). Also being a 43 years old man we have to watch our prostate what he did was lift my pubic area from the tummy tuck, after that I noticed I’m not getting up as frequently to go to the bathroom at night.
Chris Vinci
Hi there ……I would like to thank Dr. Gutierrez and staff for changing my life tremendously!!!  My tummy tuck is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. For a long time i had that kangaroo pouch in the front (sagging belly). I had to literally tuck and squeeze my stomach in a pair of jeans or an uncomfortable hot girdle. I can go out now with confidence to know that…I AM PRETTY!! He did a great job!  The clinic was very clean and safe. I’ve been to Tijuana on 4 separate occasions. I did not know they did lap-bands, so mine was done at a different clinic. But i met a lady there (Dr Gutierrez’s clinic) who had hers done there and lost over 100 pounds! I had an arm reduction, a cheek lift, love handles removed, lypo in chin, and hips, my own fat placed under my eyes to rid sunken eye sockets, and of course my favorite…the tummy tuck! I still can’t get over how great i look in a snug fitting t-shirt and my Levi’s jeans…….If you want to see my progress, you can go to my facebook page at jamaelajennings and i’m also in the Dr’s facebook friends….GOODLUCK!!
Jamaela Jennings
Dr. Gutierrez is a wonderful doctor and my Tummy Tuck is beautiful.
Jeanete S.Carlsbad, CA.
Out of all the procedures that I have done in the last 22 years the Tummy Tuck was the most outstanding surgery with the best results. Before having had the surgery I had problems with my back because I would compensate for the excess skin in the Abdomen Area. Since the surgery I now stand taller and all the latest styles look good on me and I even look better with my clothes off and I feel more confident. I f you have any questions regarding this mater you may reach me at 619-267-0864.
Maggy A.Paradise Hills, CA.
Having a Tummy Tuck was is one of the greatest decision of my life. My quality of life has improved and I have gained self confidence in my appearance.
Melissa G.San Diego, CA.
I am a 46 year old woman who has lost 100 pounds over a 2 year period with a lot of hard work and exercise. I needed and wanted a tummy tuck. I contacted and meet with 2 Surgeons in the U.S, they were both extremely expensive, the post operative care seemed very minimal, and I just didn’t really feel a warm feeling about either one of them. After a recommendation from a friend I called Dr. Manuel Gutierrez in Mexico. From that first phone call to the completion of the procedure was truly amazing. All the staff (especially Lidia) and Doctors were just lovely. They never once made my questions or concerns seem trivial or time wasting, and believe me I had lots of questions and concerns. Each one was answered with care and concern from Dr. Gutierrez ; he has the most amazing kind, gentle and comforting manner about him. I felt totally relaxed and confident in his abilities, he even made a call to me on a Saturday to follow up a concern I had. How many surgeons in the United States would do that? With Dr. Gutierrez clinic, it was never about the money, it was always about ME, the patient. It has been six months since my procedure and I am truly happy with the results so far. I would certainly recommend anybody looking for a competent, caring surgeon to consider Dr. Gutierrez… I certainly will be going back for more surgery at a later date.
Tina Caputo

Plastic Surgery Reviews – FACE PROCEDURES

Not only do my Eyes make me look 10 years younger (I am 54 years old), but; for the first time people said I look beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a new life. I’m pretty sure you are going to get tired of me but I can’t help it, you really don’t know what it means to have this new look. Dr. Gutierrez , thank you for the wonderful job you did removing the bags under my Eyes and taking the fat out from under my Eyebrows and lifting my Eyelids. I had a pleasant experience from beginning to the end of this procedure with your extremely professional and very attentive staff. I consider you an artist at what you do. You were so easy to speak to and I felt that you cared about my well being. I was afraid slightly about going across the border to have this procedure done but after I did it I knew I made the right choice. I knew you take your work seriously and I am very happy.Janet LeederSan Diego, CA.
This was my second surgery with Dr. Gutierrez, and once again I am very pleased. When I attended my daughter’s wedding nobody could believe I was her mother, they said I looked too young! I loved it♥
Leticia M. FontanaCalifornia
My wife and I had a Facelift with Dr. Gutierrez. I look really good and she looks even better. The facility is great and the Limo service came in handy…
Stanley’sLas Vegas, CNV.
Getting a Face Lift from Dr. Gutierrez has been a Great experience. I look rejuvenated and refreshed. I am going to bring all my friends to see him. He is the greatest.!!! If you have any questions about my experience you may call me at 800-237-0674
Mary Lou AlongCalifornia
I am very thankful to Dr. Gutierrez for the fabulous transformation he made in me 4 years ago. When I came in for consultation the first time, Dr. Gutierrez was able to answer all my concerns regarding the procedure that he was going to perform. I was tired of people telling me that I looked 10 years older than I actually was. I am 50 years old, and after the surgery people think that I am in my early 30s. My friends with my appearance were so impressed with my appearance that some of them became Dr. Gutierrez patients and have and have been absolutely satisfied with the results. I completely trust Dr. Gutierrez that I even entrusted my husband to him. My husband is delighted with the outstanding performance! Dr. Gutierrez is not only a talented plastic Surgeon, but also a friend that knows how to work with every patient to a personal level.
PeggyTorrence, CA.
I am Thrilled with the results of my Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and brow lift. Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable and confident in his abilities during each of our consultations and every time we spoke via e-mail. Everyone on his staff is truly wonderful and they made me feel like family. I highly recommend Dr. Manuel Gutierrez.
Brittany Stone
I don’t think I looked this good thirty years ago! I want to thank all of you for your kindness. My experience could not have been any better. Hopefully, Jim and I will be able to come back and visit (or perhaps another procedure?) In just a few months all the numbness went away. One week after my face-lift, I felt comfortable enough to go out in public. Longtime friends that did not know that I was getting the procedure saw me a couple months back, it wasn’t until I spoke to them that they realized it was me. I was told that they thought it was my younger sister!!! I don’t even have a younger sister. I compared school pictures and my last year picture looks more like an “old” lady, side by side it looks like mother and daughter I am the daughter. I cannot express enough my thanks for your expert care and Dr. Romero’s skilled hands and above all desire to create beauty from a very rough piece of clay. I can’t wait for you to see the after pictures!!! I am so pleased. All my friends are jealous! Thank you again. It is nice to know that I received what I was told I would and then some.
Linda L.


Dr Gutierrez patientTammy Storrie
I want to share my experience with Dr. Gutierrez and his staff. I have never been so relaxed and at ease as I was only 5 minutes after meeting Celina and Gabriella.  They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I met Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Harris the next morning before my procedures and what amazing doctors and people! Dr. Gutierrez made sure that I understood everything I was about to undergo, and explained each and every procedure in detail. I had 4 procedures done at one time, a tummy tuck, face lift, breast lift and augmentation. The doctor asked me to tell him and show him in a full lengthen mirror what I wanted changed and how I felt about the changes. My best friend was with me and sat through every discussion we had so she would be fully aware of what needed to be done and how my incisions needed to be cared for.   The tummy tuck was as I assumed it would be as was the breast work. I have to admit I wasn’t ready for what I was going to see in the mirror when the bandages were taken off my face and head!!! My face was swollen and bruised with tubes and stitches that I hadn’t even thought of. All I could think was what have I done to myself? The first night at the clinic we had a private nurse that was there any time either of us moved to make sure we were doing ok. The next morning the doctor came in, said everything looked really good and the surgery had gone exceptionally well. I had a fear in my eyes that he seen immediately, he asked me if I was feeling overwhelmed by all the change and I said YES. He said I could stay in the clinic if I felt I wanted to be near the medical staff, or if I chose to go to the hotel all I had to do was call and he would take care of me. My face lift scared me for about 24 hours, which is what it took to start returning to normal. It wasn’t completely normal for about 2 weeks, BUT the worst was the first 24-48 hours. I cannot begin to convey how happy I am that I did all that I did. I am 8 weeks out of surgery, I feel wonderful and people tell me that I look amazing! My life has changed, my personal opinion has changed of myself and I’m happier and more confident than I have been in years. I will be 51 on the 15th of this month and feel and look better than I did in my twenties.   I cannot thank the ladies in the office, the nurses, anesthesiologist, Dr. Harris and mostly Dr. Gutierrez enough for helping me. If you have any doubts about trusting this amazing staff of angels, don’t. I am blessed that I found them and can’t wait until I have the ok to have more procedures done. I know that whatever I chose will far exceed my expectations when completed. When asked to write a short note explaining my feelings after my surgeries, I said sure, I’ll do that. But as I sit here writing I couldn’t possibly write just a ‘short’ note, they deserve more than a few words. I have dubbed Dr. Gutierrez my doctor with angel wings, he has hands of magic. Thank you all and I can’t wait to see each of you again soon! Love and more appreciation than words can say.