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Plastic Surgery Packages - Dr. Manuel Gutierrez

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Mexico

If you’re really considering having a plastic surgery procedure, you might find yourself looking in to different options thru the Internet; where it seems that a lot of people travel to different countries to get an affordable quote for their desire procedure… Well, this is basically medical tourism… Originally, many people traveled to major medical centers to get a medical treatment that was unavailable in their own country, the recent trend is for people to travel to other countries to obtain medical surgeries or treatments for a lower price, though the traditional pattern still continues…

In our specific case, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez has over 20 years of experience, treating thousands of patients from many countries around the world, becoming a very recognized and recommended plastic surgeon in Tijuana Mexico. Dr. Gutierrez has designed many plastic surgery packages in Tijuana Mexico to provide his patients an affordable quote for plastic surgery without compromising the quality and professional care that every patient deserves…

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Dr. Manuel Gutierrez plastic surgery packages are focused to offer a high quality plastic surgery for an affordable price, this plastic surgery packages may vary on the season promotion, plastic surgery trends and the personal needs of the patients… Comparing the price of plastic surgery in Mexico to other countries like USA or Canada, Mexico is the best option for a tight budget, in our country you will be able to find different type of packages for plastic surgery; packages of one, two, or several plastic surgery procedures at the same time, plastic surgery vacation packages that include your surgery, spas, tours, transportation and many more…

Doctor Manuel Gutierrez also offers the mommy makeover plastic surgery packages, which are designed to those beautiful mothers that want to renew their bodies and enhances their beauty after giving birth… Mommy makeover plastic surgery package are usually the combination of procedures such as; Tummy tuck, breast surgery (reduction, lifting or augmentation), liposuction and Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez plastic surgery package in Tijuana Mexico includes; doctors and nurses fees, surgical expenses and medical equipment, a 24-hour post-operative care at the clinic, patient’s meals, postoperative appointments and transportation from the airport to the clinic during your stay in Tijuana Mexico. Another great plus that Dr. Manuel Gutierrez offers is; a personalized plastic surgery package, which is designed and quoted based on the needs, desire results and specific characteristics of the patient… In order to get a personalized plastic surgery package Dr. Manuel Gutierrez, you must send your information and attach some pictures of the specific areas that you’re interested, so he can evaluate your case and offer you a better opinion and quote that will be specifically designed for you!

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