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Plastic Surgeon in Mexico - Dr. Manuel Gutierrez


As you may know, plastic surgery has become very popular among women and men during the last decade… On the past year, there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic and plastic procedures, about one procedure per 16 adults in the United States.  So, its clear that more and more people are interested to get an upgrade to enhance their own beauty permanently for an affordable and reasonable price, increasing the number of patients that look for a qualified plastic surgeon in other countries without sacrificing their health or quality of the procedure…

Mexico has become a very important place in the world for medical tourism, especially for plastic surgery… Why? In our country we have Top Plastic Surgeons, who deliver prime class medical services and results, exceeding the expectation of foreign patients.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Mexico…

If you’re thinking about having a plastic or cosmetic procedure and you’re already searching for a certified and reliable plastic surgeon in Mexico, you need to put in in practice the next tips to make sure you’re in good hands:

  • Make sure that your plastic surgeon in Mexico is Board Certified plastic surgeon, always verify licenses and credentials; you must be able to see or get this information on his facilities or official webpage.
  • Is crucial to choose a plastic surgeon in Mexico that’s able to speak English, so he or she can communicate with you properly to understand your needs and desires.
  • Transparent information; your plastic surgeon in Mexico must be very clear with you, solving all your doubts and concerns related with the procedure. Giving you a logical explanation of the process, preparation and aftercare.
  • Check the facilities of your plastic surgeon in Mexico, ask for real pictures and address of the surgical center and operating rooms.
  • Speak or get in contact with other patients, that’s another great tip to make sure that the plastic surgeon in Mexico of your choice has treated other persons and their experience is positive or accomplish the expectations of your desire medical care and results. The plastic surgeon in Mexico must have pictures of the before and after of the patients he/she has treated.
  • No hidden quotes from your plastic surgeon in Mexico; you must receive a quote on paper that specifies the amount due for surgery and all related items to check what the price covers and what it does not.
best plastic surgeon in tijuana mexico

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez – Plastic Surgeon in Mexico

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico… with over 19 years of experience and thousand of successful surgeries on track; he is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and the best option for plastic surgery in Tijuana. Dr. Manuel Gutierrez continues his education through worldwide congresses and master meetings, he is more than qualified to provide the latest techniques on cosmetic and plastic procedures, accompanied with modern facilities fully equipped with the newest technology.


One of Dr. Manuel Gutierrez goals as a Plastic Surgeon in Mexico, is to improve and deliver a better look that satisfies the patient expectations without looking over-treated or way too different. His prime class techniques are focused on the patient fast recovery and classy results, providing a personalized and professional care to every one of his patients. He is a plastic surgeon in Mexico that can help you achieve your dreams thought prime class and affordable plastic surgery that includes a professional follow up care and medical service to ensure a healthy recovery and outstanding results that will make you feel and look like you always wanted to.

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