Male Procedures



Male procedures in Tijuana, Mexico with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez

The most common procedures performed in men are:

Pectoral Implants with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez starting at $4,800 USD

Gynecomastia in Tijuana, Mexico (male breast tissue) with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez starting at $3,800 USD

The presence of breast tissue on the male chest is a common problem usually associated to overweight, genes, hormones, or medication (steroids).

The operation: most patients also preset a fat deposit in the area so the operation begins with liposuction; almost 50% of the cases are resolved with liposuction alone. In the rest, the breast tissue has to be removed, this is done through a half a moon incision around the areola, since all the fat has been removed prior by liposuction, this makes the extraction of the breast tissue very easy. It is very important to leave a small layer of tissue to prevent an indentation or retraction of the nipple.

Post op instructions: Suture removal in 1 week, minimal arm removal the first week. Patients are able to go work out in 1 month.

Reconstructive Procedures:

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Clif and Lip Palate Reconstruction
  • Hand Reconstruction
  • Lower Limb Reconstruction