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Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Plastic Surgery

At Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Plastic Surgery Center, we strive to make your experience coming here as pleasant as possible. We understand that undergoing surgical procedures can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming, and we offer many amenities that we hope will make your time here more comfortable.

On this website, you’ll find all you need to know about getting to our clinic and other information you may find valuable during your stay in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Step 1:  Book your consultation! You can do it through internet or by phone…

Virtual consultation is mainly designed for patients out of town or foreign countries, you need to fill the application form in our web page with your personal information to contact you…


Note: It’s highly recommended to send pictures, comments and expectations by email to analyze and provide a personalized consultation identify and understand your needs. Dr. Manuel Gutierrez will guide you through the pre-operative guidelines. Also it’s very important to send or inform the surgeon about possible health conditions and medical studies to realize a safer and successful plastic surgery.

Step 2: Approve and Schedule your surgery!  

After evaluating your needs and personal information, a patient coordinator will provide you a final quote for surgery with all the financial information, payment agreements and requirements…


  • If you agree with the price of the surgery, the next step is to choose an available date that works for you and the surgeon to schedule the surgery…

Step 3: Traveling to Tijuana and Surgery process!

Some of your personal information, such as: name, fly information and phone number will be provided to our driver to pick you up at the San Diego airport that is located only 20 min from our facilities…

You’ll be driven to the clinic to get some blood tests and pre-op exams, then you’ll have a personal and formal consultation with surgeon Manuel Gutierrez to clear your doubts and concerns…

After the personal consultation with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez, our nurses will guide you and prepare every detail for surgery, you’ll be able to meet the anesthesiologist to explain you the process and techniques (this will help you to reduce the anxiety before surgery) …

Step 4: After Surgery!

Once the surgery is over, you’ll be taken to the recovery room to rest. After a short period of hours, you’ll be transferred to a personal room where you’ll be taking care of by our staff of nurses, during your recovering we provide personalized care, meals for the patient and a 24/7 monitoring.


  • Dr. Gutierrez will go and check on the patient one day after surgery.

Step 5: Process after recovering!

  • In most of the cases, patients decide to spend extra days in the Hotel located across the clinic… Dr. Manuel Gutierrez and his team will design a driver for the patient to visit clinic during those days.
  • Before going back to their hometown, the patient will be provided with post-op guidelines, instructions, prescriptions, medications, special garments and Shapewear according to the specific surgery.
  • The staff will book your next appointment for the follow up of the surgery; Dr. Gutierrez will remove drainage or stitches. Patients that aren’t able to visit the clinic again need to notify and contact their primary care physician to realize the procedures after surgery (Remove drainage, stitches…)

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