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Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Credentials

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 19 years of experience, he has a track record of quality, safeness and excellence! Offering a wide range of plastic and aesthetic procedures in Tijuana Mexico for men and women, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez keeps enriching his knowledge and education through worldwide congresses and master meetings to offer a prime medical experience and the newest techniques of the plastic and aesthetic field.

Dr. Gutierrez is certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and he is as well an active member of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. During his vast experience Dr. Gutierrez has attended dozens of congresses and seminars to keep himself up to date with the latest techniques in plastic and cosmetic surgery. 

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Specialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery License | 5505326

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