Butt implants


Butt implants in Tijuana, Mexico with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez


Butt implants interventions are a response to those who wish to display a curvy body or simply want to increase the volume of your “derriere”. Although the basic operation technique is very similar to breast implants, prostheses or implants used in buttock augmentation or buttocks implants are different… The reason is simple! Gluteal prostheses must withstand the weight of the person when sitting and pressure when walking or exercising, so the silicone gel implants contain high density and cohesiveness, can not use the saline filler.


Butt implants with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez starting at $5,500 USD

There are different forms of implants or prostheses: round or oval (also called an anatomical implant). The best way to make a good choice is to consult with buttock implants specialist like Dr. Manuel Gutierrez, who by his experience and knowledge, can advise the best alternative. Keep in mind that for a truly aesthetic work, it requires a professional not only with capacity and experience as a doctor, and more specifically in plastic surgery, but also talented artist, as he will make the buttocks stuck with a naturally and aesthetics, and this is achieved only with many years of practice. For this, the specialist must assess the quality and texture of your skin, and the particular structure of your buttocks, your lower back, hips and thighs, and how these areas will be affected after buttock implants. Many women have told unfortunate stories with very unaesthetic results and heartbreaking consequences, which have endangered their lives, due to seeking the most economical service instead of privileging the quality of professional experience and who is responsible for the body and life.

The butt implant in Tijuana, Mexico intervention is relatively simple! A cut of five to eight centimeters between the buttocks to form a pouch or pocket where inserting the implant is made. This is placed between the muscles and fat to heal help keep the implant in place. The cuts are made with absorbable sutures and the patient can go home the same day with a special bandage should keep for three to five days, although some surgeons use change for another two or three weeks.

After the operation the patient’s mobility will be difficult and restricted, requiring rest for several days. When starting the second week should be better able to mobilize. After the buttock implant bruising and swelling that will remain for only a few days and then disappear may appear. You may also feel some numbness that will pass. Inflammation is not much, nor bruising or “bruising”. It is possible that more pain than other procedures, being an area of much muscular requirement, but in general terms can return to normal activity after a month buttock implant surgery feel.

Butt Implants - Dr. Manuel Gutierrez