Brazilian butt lift


Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana, Mexico with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez

The Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana, Mexico is an increasingly popular procedure designed to reshape and enhance the butt. It consists in collecting fat by liposuction on different areas of your body and transferring the fat to the gluts area with the intention of increasing the volume, improving the shape and lifting of the butt.

The procedure consists in doing liposuction in the areas of the body that don’t allow having a good figure and collecting the fat. Once the fat is separated from the blood and fluid has been placed in syringes and transfer into the gluteus muscle, this will increase the volume and give a nice figure in your body.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana, Mexico with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez starting at $3,900 USD

Brazilian butt lift is a very simple and effective procedure that lasts about 2 hours, it requires general anesthesia. It is recommended for women with flat buttocks, with straight hips, with a few curves, and clusters of fatty tissue in some areas.

After the intervention you will have to wear a girdle or compression garment for a maximum of 30 days, give some massage and perhaps some lymphatic drainage. In 15 days you can restore your normal routine and even return to work if the surgeon feels that everything is going perfectly.

Brazilian butt lift in Tijuana, Mexico results are usually permanent so you do not have to worry about repeating the procedure.

Like any cosmetic procedure is essential that you get in the expert hands of a qualified and professional plastic surgeon to get the best results.

The buttocks are a part of the female anatomy that arouses much interest. A rear with volume, and sensual contouring is not easy to achieve with exercise. If you want to feel more feminine clothes that suit you more, regain confidence in yourself and be the center of attention, with the Brazilian Butt Lift you can become the woman you always dreamed of.

Brazillian Butt Lift Procedure in Tijuana Mexico - Dr. Manuel Gutierrez

Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana Mexico with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez