Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Foundation

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Foundation


Dr. Gutierrez with over 19 years of experience, he has helped thousands of patients around the world… Our surgeon Dr. Gutierrez is highly involved with social causes and citizen participation, he’s now part of the project “SMILE PROJECT FOR CHILDREN”.

The Smile Project for Children is focused to treat underprivileged children who have congenital and traumatic childhood deformities, offering treatment and rehabilitation programs designed for them to overcome their disabilities and improve their quality of life. This project takes life with the help and collaboration of other plastic surgeons several times a year in his own facilities.

Life is abundant and only when you are so full inside you have the desire to share your overflowing internal abundance.– Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero share with his patients some words about his work and trajectory as a plastic surgeon and his inclusion to this project...

My name is Dr. Manuel Gutierrez and I have over 16 years of Board Certified Plastic Aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon experience. I graduated from medical school in Tijuana Mexico in 1992 and moved to Mexico City where I completed my medical residence in 3 years at “La Raza Medical Center”. In 1995 I began my 3 years residency as a Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon at the General Hospital. As soon as I graduated, I got my board certification by the Mexican Board of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery, which I have renew every 5 years.


In May 1998, I came back to my natal city of Tijuana, where I began my private practice. Since, I have had the opportunity to take care of patients from all over the world. My practice consists of 90% cosmetic surgery and 10% of reconstructive surgery. In 2002 I joined the Rotary Club in the Otay Club in Tijuana where I was nominated President of 2004. One of our projects was to begin the cleft and lip palate surgery for children of families in need. Since then, my associate Dr. Alfredo Harris Dominguez (17 years of experience in plastic surgery and also my best friend) and I have had the opportunity to perform over 100 surgical procedures on children with no financial means.

In my years of private practice many patients have found out that we perform this type of procedures and have shown interest in sponsoring children in need. A surgery like this can be performed with a minimal cost of only $400 ($200 will go for the expenses of anesthesia and anesthesiologist, and $200 for medications, material, sutures, and disposable equipment). The rest of the staff donates their time, dedication, support and assistance for the children and their families.

Life has been generous for my family, so I decided to begin this foundation in which any patient can sponsor a surgery for a child and family in need. There is currently a large demand for these type of procedures, so I have decided to donate $400 from every patient that has a surgical procedure in which they spend more than $5,000 in cosmetic surgery. This will give a sense of meaning to any patient considering cosmetic surgery, and at the same time the patients are grateful for their procedures and will write a testimonial letter and video to their sponsor.

I will post pictures of the patients who are making a donation, and next to it a before and after picture, video clip and the evolution of this child and a gratitude letter from them and family members. In the event this child in particular needs a subsequent procedure the sponsor will have the chance to continue sponsoring forded procedures for the same child.

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Dr. Manuel Gutierrez - Foundation

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana Mexico

If you want to make a comment or participate sponsoring any child in need, you can do so by sending us your information and request! Dr. Manuel Gutierrez and his team will contact you to provide you the next guidelines to be of the project.

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